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April 2012

Zumba – At A New Time!

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Our fantastic and exciting Zumba class is now at 6pm until 6:45pm.

We have decided to move this time to make it easier for you to get to the action from your work or family commitments.

Our new instructor is, none other than, Alison Kemp our Principal!

Equipped with loads of dance experience it will be something catered to beginners and above.

If you’ve been hesitating about joining a Zumba class, this is not what you want to shy away from.

We are aiming to help you get fit, have a great time, and not be left behind.

This is NOT a class for people with years of dance experience or athletes. It’s for anyone who wants to ditch the work out and join the party!


What Is The Super Course About?

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The “Super Course” is a brand new offering to anyone who wants to learn how to Ballroom, Latin or New Vogue Dance.

Sometimes it may seem learning to dance is a hard thing to do.

This is not really the case, so we have decided to put on a Super Course to cater for absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers.

The primary focus is to build confidence and skills on the social dance floor, in a fun and easy to learn manner.

We call this a super course so you can focus your effort on 3 separate styles of dance (Ballroom, Latin and New Vogue) at ANY level.

If you have been waiting to learn to dance or want to perfect your current dance skills – This Is The Course!

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