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The Most Popular Option

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Our group classes are very popular for Adults of all ages. The Starter class is ideal for those who have “two left feet” and the 8 Dance Card will even give you one complimentary class, what are you waiting for? Start now…

NCDC Competitor Events

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Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th June 2014 at the AIS Arena from 8am til late both days.

We invite you to cheer, support and watch the following events of our studio competitors.

Please note these are ALL FIRST ROUND EVENTS ONLY, there may be semi-finals and finals as additional events, qualification dependent. 


Peter Dunn & Olivia Colquhoun (70) Events: Standard 4,  New Vogue 25, Ballroom 42, New Vogue 60, Latin 69

Nicolas Shaw & Madeline Pozzebon (59) Events: Standard 2, New Vogue 9, 10 Dance 16, New Vogue 25, Standard 42, Latin 72, Latin 76

Brendan Halls & Georgia Pozzebon (33) Events: Standard 1, New Vogue 5, Latin 64

Arthur Pascoe & Noela Buntine (348) Events: New Vogue 8, New Vogue 24, Standard 29, Latin 71

Nikolai Lobanov & Elena Vvedenkaia (258) Events: Standard 53, Latin 74

SUNDAY 29th 

Andre Offringa & Bronwyn Kemp (326) Events: Standard 1, Latin 69

Quan Findlay & Romana Lester (351) Event: Latin 69

Thomas Pearse & Zoe Davis (15) Events: Latin 9, Latin 20, Standard 38

Justin McGrath & Jessica Baczynski (341) Events: New Vogue 6, Latin 69

Matthew & Jacquelynne Greenfield (330) Events: Latin 9 & 20

David & Judy Gray (227) Events: Standard 33, Standard 50

Arthur Pascoe & Noela Buntine (348) Event: 8 Dance #40, 45

Nathan & Heidi McGrath (372) Events: Latin 14, New Vogue 27, Standard 50

Vaughan & Alison Liddicoat (307) Standard 77, New Vogue 90, Latin 96

Note: Please rely and check against your program and listen for any changes announced.

Thank you for being a great support it takes a lot of courage, determination and effort to get on the dance floor.

We wish everyone the very best of success at this National Capital DanceSport Championship.

Are you looking to learn to dance in Canberra too? Simply visit here to find the most suitable class for you now…

2014 MultiCultural Festival!

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…It’s back!

We are thrilled to take part in one of Canberra’s long standing traditions, the MultiCultural Festival.

This annual event brings together our truly unique community showcasing food, song, events, activities and DANCE!

We’re so excited to be able to bring together a few of the talents within the studio to showcase on the Saturday 8th February on the Main Stage in Petrie Plaza (City Walk) at 3:40pm.

Your support is most appreciated and we would love to have you come along to cheer, hoot and be part of it.

To keep up to date with all the happenings make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page here.

If you wish to brush up on your dance skills, join one of our group classes to get ready for a huge night of dancing too.