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Don’t Be Boring This Christmas!

Another year has passed and one of the trickiest things you ask yourself is “what do I buy…” or “what do you want this Christmas?”

Well, at the risk of being too “salesy” what better thing to buy someone that the Gift of Dance?

Seriously! It’s a skill for life, a fantastic new hobby, a potential match maker, get fit, healthy (mentally and physically) plus YOU will be remembered.

That’s right…it is pretty hard to throw out your gift like most other Christmas Gifts.

We’ve carefully selected a range of of dance services and put them into packages for you, so you can choose the experience your friend or loved one gets.

It is not about the money, dancing is ALWAYS about experience it must be fun, it must be positive and at the end of the day you need to learn how to dance!

Even the most Grinchiest of Grinches will be turned into a happy Fred Astaire, although we only teach nice people in our studio.

View our range of bundled Christmas Gift Ideas and be remembered as the coolest gift giver this year…or ever.


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