2018 studio medal test information


Saturday 22 Sept 2018

Venue: The International Dance Studio, Deakin
Times: To be advised.

Saturday 17 Nov 2018

Venue: The International Dance Studio, Deakin
Times: To be advised.

  • Payment for all spectators due upon entry and you will be given a pass out for re-entry.
  • Wait to find a seat if someone is dancing on the main floor, you can move from the main stage to entry between dances (don’t have to wait for events to finish).
  • Room opposite the studio will be open for changing and storage for dresses, suitcases, and dance attire – use this for your gear.
  • Warm-up area will be where the mirrors are at the back end of the studio.
  • In the interest of all participants please keep noise to a minimum, take phone calls outside or on the balcony and wear/bring deodorant.
  • Consider spraying aerosols and perfumes away from spectators.
  • All presentations to be made at the end of the last event, any recipients of Merit or Best for Grade must be in attendance to receive or forfeit.
  • Times are given as an approximate time only.
  • If you miss your event there are no catchups so please be on time and ready.
  • Tickets for the Christmas Party will be available simply pay at front desk.
  • Feel free to take photos and videos but use the following hashtags: #theinternationaldancestudio #ballroommastery


  • AWARDS GIVEN Best Male & Female for Grade – Adult Merit Awards in Adult Decided on day by examiner and awarded at the end of the day – you must be present to receive your award
  • Entry Admission Prices: (Valid for Entire Day)
    • Medal Candidates & Children Under 10 Years: Free
    • 10-12 Years: $12
    • 13-18 Years & Over 65: $14
    • Adults: $15

 Call (02) 6286 8888 For Further Information.