We may come from varied backgrounds and have personalities as different as night is to day, but we share a common passion…Dancing.

It’s a fantastic thing in life to have a passion, not many people figure out a way to make a living from it but you are on the right track.

The beauty of how we have structured the studio is that you can teach as many lessons as you want, our goal is to have you “fully booked” what ever that means to you.

It won’t happen by accident, you must be actively involved in the studio. It’s this simple: If you give you will get, takers are not welcome.

We all have different goals in life such as family, travel, free time, quit your job, dance etc…but everything you consider important in life requires that you have money.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Earn Money Right Now With The Studio:

  • Teach Private Lessons
  • Refer Corporate, Wedding or Business Events To The Studio…Think Networking Events
  • Send An E-mail To Your Friends Let Them Know You’re A Teacher For Upcoming Events
  • Hand Your Teacher Card To Friends or Acquaintances or Business Associates
  • Come Up With An Idea For A Product To Sell and Talk With Vaughan About It

It’s totally up to you, the main thing is to be pro-active as what you want will not happen by accident it will happen by design and action.

Here Are Some Of The Best Materials I Have Ever Read That Will Change Your Life, They Did For Us:

As A Man Thinketh (Book)

The_Science_of_Getting_Rich (Book)

Think & Grow Rich E-Book (Book)

Purpose Vision Goals (PDF)

Paradigms (PDF)

Its Not About The Money – Bob Proctor (PDF)

Attitude (PDF)

Common Denominator of Success (PDF)

In the mean time, we are here to support your dancing growth and development and if we can assist you in anyway our door is always open to new ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism.

To your dance success.