99 out 100 people are scared to go into a dance studio. I just made that up, but it’s a really high number. In fact the number 1 thing that most people say, especially men, when asked if they would want to learn to dance is…”Yes, I would love too, but I have two left feet!” Or something of that nature. Perhaps you were in this boat at one point or that’s currently where you stand?

Do The Thing You Fear, The Fear Disappears

It’s a great saying. Every person including those who really want to dance has faced “dance fear” at some point. It is almost like an invisible barrier is between you and the dance floor. You may even just rush into the studio and duck into a safe corner and that is Ok. You just need to grasp one point and one point only:

We’ve All Been There

Every single dancer I can think of from world champions to the little old ladies in social Tea Dances have one thing in common. We all started at ground zero. Zip. Nil. Nada. No idea how to dance. Sure some people have better rhythm or pick it up easier, but every single person has to practice. Take it from me, 10 years ago, I could not close my feet together and after a lot of work and sheer determination we are now running a dance studio as international professional dancers. Thankfully Alison had more ability than me!

Blokes, Listen Up!

Dancing is a manly thing to do. Dancing is not about wearing pink sequins and heaps of fake tan, unless you want to. It’s about enjoying the movement to music with your partner or one you love and its a wonderful thing to be able to do. It’s not hard either but it will challenge you.

Our Philosophy

If you have legs you can dance, don’t listen to any self doubt or negative talk. You just may need a little help learning how to dance. This is where we come in. You see our friendly and experiences teachers know exactly how to get you taking your first steps quickly and easily. If you’ve ever been thinking about learning to dance or had a bad experience elsewhere we know that if your keen to give it a go, we can certainly help you.

..stay tuned for my next e-mail on teaching and technique!

-Alison Liddicoat
The International Dance Studio