That is the question! There are certainly two schools of thought here. On one side you should certainly learn to dance with other people, that is one of the joys of learning to dance…your ability to connect and dance with other people. On the other side, too much of anything is never good. There should always be a balance.

Round and Round We Go…

Personally, you should not be forced to rotate or swap partners. What does this mean exactly? Simply put there are dance studios that have the practice of constantly rotating partners in a class, all the time. One lady mentioned to me how fed up she was that she had to dance with so many people all the time and it was her nightmare come true, especially since she had a term contract to complete!

What To Do If You Don’t Have A Partner

That is totally fine, if you come to the studio without a normal dance partner, chances are there is someone of the opposite sex just waiting to dance with you. But how you get the most benefit from your group class is by occasionally dancing with other people. I often recommend seeing if there is a regular social dancer you can try to dance with each week in your class. After all your biggest improvement comes when you have the one dance partner, but it’s also nice to share. The main difference is you don’t want to be made to rotate  all the time.

What To Do If You Come With A Partner

As mentioned, it will help you greatly if you have an occasional dance with another fellow social dancer, after all you’re all there to learn. But I could imagine how frustrating it would be if you went to all that effort to get your other half there and never saw them because of being made to rotate partners all the time. So, take the opportunity to learn with other dancers, but make sure you also have plenty of time to learn and enjoy the dancing with your other half.

To Your Dance Success!

…stay tuned for my next e-mail on teaching!

-Vaughan Liddicoat
The International Dance Studio