Sorry for the shock head line, but it’s very important you read this post before you sign any dance contract with any studio. Now, why on earth would a dance studio owner, like myself, want to share these inside secrets with you the customer? It’s simple! I believe education is the best way to make an informed decision, one that you will be happy with and not live to regret.

What Contracts Really Ask You To Do

Dance studios will absolutely hate me for sharing this with you, but it needs to be done. Contracts hold you to that studio for a certain period of time, obviously, but they guarantee you stay locked in for that period of time at quite an enormous up front cost and often with high cancellations fees and expensive lesson up-sells….

What If You Hate The First Lesson?

Then you’re stumped! Not only do you have to fulfil the contract but you also are guaranteed to have a miserable time. Why do you have to pay to be miserable? Now I am not saying this is the case with every studio, I know many dance studios that offer contracts and they are fine…but I stand firm on my point of view, if the lesson is good enough you will want to come back without having to reluctantly finish off a term or whole year. You will also have flexibility for the times you need it.

The Other Problem With Contracts

What if this is your first time dancing? You just want to try something different and wham! All of a sudden that one taster lesson is costing you almost $1,000! What if you want a night off? Or there are just those life situations that you can’t predict where you cannot make 2-3 lessons or more…You may as well take that out of your wallet and burn it now. Sometimes you even have to purchase private lessons on top of your group class cost, I know of some places that make this compulsory! It’s just not neccessary!

We Should Have To Work For Your Business Every Lesson

It’s true. You are the customer and you are the boss, you should be able to fire me if I do a sub-par standard teaching you, but I won’t. The same promise goes for my teachers, we are committed to dance study and ensuring you have a fun time learning to dance! Actually all of our teachers under going regular training and some are fully qualified teachers, including myself and Alison who regularly train  and compete in London with the world’s top coaches to ensure we are on top of our game. Our studio has a passion for dance and it should be easy, fun and importantly you’re in control.

…stay tuned for the next e-mail about avoiding fear of the dance studio!

– Alison Liddicoat
The International Dance Studio – Canberra