If you’re taking a Group Class, the routines with syllabus is outlined below to teach: (You can also use these for your students)

Adult Beginner Monday & Tuesday

Adult Intermediate Monday & Tuesday

Adult Advanced Tuesday Only

Hints & Tips For All Group Classes:

  • Keep things moving!
    Less talking about yourself and more dancing
  • Keep things professional, not personal.
    We all have rough days, but to be frank people don’t care about that during the lesson they just paid for…If you’re not up to it that is totally fine just ask another teacher to step in
  • Following week to week you want to make sure you follow on without repeating everything 2 weeks running
  • MOST OF ALL…Smile, Laugh and Enjoy the experience – you’re teaching a skill for life, it’s not a funeral parlour!

Teenage Latin and Junior Ballroom & Latin Classes are separated by Medals, please see this page for the appropriate Routine to teach. For example: Beginners = Level 1 -2, Intermediate = Bronze & Bronze Star, Advanced = Silver and above.