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Your Bridal/Wedding Dance is a very important & memorable part of your wedding day. The International Dance Studio specializes in helping you look and feel comfortable, confident and graceful on the dance floor.

You don’t have to leave it to last minute, actually the more time you have to prepare the better and more polished you will look at the dance floor.

We offer different packages for couples who just want to learn to dance through to a bespoke package that can represent your style as a couple.

It’s common for most couples to do a traditional “Wedding Waltz” but these days it really depends on the couples personality, view our Top 100 Wedding Dance Songs Here.

 5 Reasons To Choose Our Studio:

  1. Specialized in Wedding Dance Teaching and Choreography
  2. Years Of Experience Helping Couples Prepare For The Big Day – We’ve Helped 100’s of Couples Look Great
  3. Pay Per Lesson – No Contracts Which Is Easy On Your Budget
  4. Professional and Qualified Instructors
  5. Fun and Easy Dance Tuition

Make the Wedding experience last more than a day by learning a new skill that you can enjoy for the rest of your life together.

To make a booking, simply choose one of the following Special Bridal Packages here.

Please note you do not need to book a package these just make it easier for you to decide.

Download: Wedding Dance Packages

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