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Forget the gym!

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Alarmingly, over 63% of people say going to the gym is boring!

O.K, so we made that statistic up, but you have to admit there is nothing like Ballroom and Latin Dancing to not only get you physically fit but mentally healthy too!

Do you want to get fit, look great, make new friends and have a ball doing it?

Then dancing is your answer!

The gym, whilst grueling and of course worth the work-out, doesn’t come close to the fun of dancing.

Especially if you’ve never danced before!

In fact, I am envious of people who are learning to dance. So many good memories turning up to the studio attempting to put one foot infront of the other.

All whilst trying to impress my “then dance partner” who turned “into my wife.” (no promises of partners-to-be!)

Ahh, great memories.

But now, it’s your turn! 

That’s what we want you to have. Of course the biggest challenge is going and getting over the “I’m not a dancer” or “I can’t dance” blah, blah, blah rubbish.

Of course you can’t dance, if you have never learned! 

That is why we have our on demand, pay as you go dancing, designed to MAKE you a dancer and of course look good and get fit doing it.

For information for Absolute Beginner classes up to Advanced classes, check it out here and now…

We teach waltz, quickstep, slow rhythm, cha cha, jive and rumba plus some bonus dances!

We look forward to seeing you and remember to share this page with your friends and join us on Facebook. 

Other customers have found buying 8 classes for the price of 7 is the easiest way to pay and dance more.

Make sure you share the love and bring your friends.

Brand New Medal Test Class

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Perfect for all social dancers who want to take the next step and challenge themselves.

Medal tests are a fun way to put your dance skills to the test. Our qualified examiners will help you improve your technique, timing, and overall dancing by overseeing your Medal grade.

It’s very easy to do, all you need is a bit of support from our teachers and other students and mix in a bit of practice along with our weekly Wednesday Medal Class…

Which starts September 4th at 7pm.

No partner or previous dance skill is needed just a great attitude and we’ll take care of the rest!

The studio has a 33 year legacy and has had over 6,000 medal tests, certainly a huge amount for an Australian studio.

You will develop more confidence, better skills and be proud of your achievement.

And yes, it is a bit scary at first but that only affects other people – not you, as you are a winner.

The Medal Test is held on Sunday 17th November at the Italo-Australian Club

For more information please call (02) 6162 0006 to chat about how it works further.

Stage 2 “Roaring Twenties” Tickets Released!

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It’s been an amazing response, thank you to everyone who is supporting this once in a lifetime event for the C100 and Kick Up Your Heels Celebration!

We have the honor of hosting an event on Canberra’s Birthday weekend as well as the 85th Anniversary of The Albert Hall plus its the Centenary of Canberra this year!

Feel free to invite your friends, family and non-dancers alike as this event is not just for dancers – its for everyone.

We have an authentic 1920’s Jazz Band playing, light supper, prohibition bar with wine supplied by local maker “Four Winds Vineyard” as well as spectacular floorshows by our Studio.

Please feel free to visit our website:

You can come dressed as anything from a gangster, flapper, prohibition officer and more!

We look forward to bringing you Canberra’s best night out in 100 years!

Saturday 9th March 2013 from 6pm til late at The Albert Hall.

Visit For Tickets, Prices and Information Today!

Don’t Be Boring This Christmas!

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Another year has passed and one of the trickiest things you ask yourself is “what do I buy…” or “what do you want this Christmas?”

Well, at the risk of being too “salesy” what better thing to buy someone that the Gift of Dance?

Seriously! It’s a skill for life, a fantastic new hobby, a potential match maker, get fit, healthy (mentally and physically) plus YOU will be remembered.

That’s right…it is pretty hard to throw out your gift like most other Christmas Gifts.

We’ve carefully selected a range of of dance services and put them into packages for you, so you can choose the experience your friend or loved one gets.

It is not about the money, dancing is ALWAYS about experience it must be fun, it must be positive and at the end of the day you need to learn how to dance!

Even the most Grinchiest of Grinches will be turned into a happy Fred Astaire, although we only teach nice people in our studio.

View our range of bundled Christmas Gift Ideas and be remembered as the coolest gift giver this year…or ever.


Experience Dance As It’s Meant To Be

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Even though Society as a whole is offering more and more choices, there are still very few ways you can be entertained and be part of the entertainment.

This is where Social Ballroom, Latin and New Vogue nights have stood the test of time for over 60 years.

We are proud to host such an event which allows both dancers and non-dancers to enjoy beautiful music, watch fantastic Ballroom dancing & partake in a Barn Dance or New Vogue bracket.

For the price of a “normal” night on the town you will get over 4 hours of dance time, delicious 2 course meal, fully licensed bar plus a dance show.

Limited tickets available, last day of purchase is Tuesday 4th December 9pm…Book NOW!

The Best Night On The Town!

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It happens only once per year and makes every other Christmas Party look drab and boring, it’s The International Dance Studio’s Annual Christmas Party!

Unlike any other event this is one that both non-dancers and social dancers can enjoy. Why?

There is dance entertainment, a delicious 2 course sit down dinner, fully licensed bar and fantastic variety of Ballroom, Latin and New Vogue Music…plus LOTS of social dancing.

Dance skills are not necessary for this event, I say again – you do not need to know how to dance. But you do need to know how to have a good time!

We welcome individuals and tables of 10 and pre-purchase of a ticket is essential by Tuesday 4th December.

You can secure your ticket today only here for either Adult or Junior.

If you have never danced before, never fear. We have had many people simply come for the night and end up joining classes the following weeks because it was such a fun night.

If you are an avid social dancer who attends every event Canberra has to offer then you will not be disappointed, in fact you’ll be happy you joined in the action.

Tickets are VERY limited, so immediate action is required to be part of this special event…Secure your seat today.

Tickets on Sale Now for Friday 7th December from 7pm at the Italo-Australian Club in Forrest.

Please call 6162 0006 for further information.

Download The 2012 Flyer Now

More Chances to Dance!

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Wednesday Class Now Offers Even More!

We are always striving to improve your experience when you dance in our studios.

Recently we sought your feedback, the good and bad, about how we can make the best even better.

In response to this there will be several additions and changes for the 2013 dance calendar, but between now and the end of this year we have decided to change the Wednesday evening class effective immediately.

Previously a Street Latin Only night, we have now opened it up to also include: International Latin (Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive), Ballroom (Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, Tango, Quickstep) and New Vogue dance styles.

This will serve you better by offering another night to hone and practice your dancing and its also what we do best.

Download the new flyer here…Adult Monday, Tuesdays & Wednesday Class

Beginners: 7-8pm & Intermediate 8-9pm

Note: Monday & Tuesday continue as usual.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio!

Principal, Alison Liddicoat will be hosting this exciting class.

Canberra 100 Celebrations Launched!

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The Studio is very proud to be part of this exciting and “once in a lifetime” event!

It’s part of the Kick up Your Heels Celebrations.

Here is the Synopsis of the night:

“The Roaring Twenties was a time of economic prosperity, social, artistic and cultural dynamism. It gave rise to unprecedented industrial growth, female voting, great music, movies and of course various forms of dance, such as Waltz, Foxtrot and Charleston were popularized.

Celebrate this glamorous decade and the Centenary of Canberra at The Albert Hall in style, with a theme of your choice from “The Roaring Twenties” for a once in a lifetime night on the town.

Relive the bygone era with the sounds of ARIA Nominated Music Director Geoff Power and vocals by Greg Poppleton with his “The Lounge Bar Lotharios” original 1920’s 11 piece big jazz band.

It’s a wonderful evening full of Social Dancing plus exciting Live Cabaret & Dance Performances from The International Dance Studio, Licensed Bar (Prohibition Safe), Food, Prizes and more.”

All we can say is stay tuned for all prices and more information including a separate website to be built at:

Also view: the Canberra100 Website for all that is happening in Canberra.

We will be hosting a 9 week “get ready to dance” course Starting in January 2013.


Winter Ball Is Open to Public

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Just so you know, ALL events we host for The International Dance Studio are OPEN to the Public.

We don’t operated as a “closed to members” studio. No contracts, No “Members” – Just Dancing.

No permission required for you to join in any classes or events we host.

We feel we are confident, qualified and experienced enough to give you what you pay for every time or you can walk away.

So rest assured our Annual Winter Ball is Open to All Members of the Public & The Studio (Friends and Family Included)!

Secure your ticket today before we sell out (click here)


The Event: Saturday 14th July from 6:30

  • Complimentary Dance Class (6:30-7pm)
  • Catering by Delissio Brasserie
  • Cabaret
  • Professional Ballroom Performance
  • Social Dancing & Great Music
  • Fully Licensed Bar
  • Raffle & Prize for Best Dressed
  • Our Experienced Teachers Available for You to Dance With

Seniors Week Free Dance Workshop

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We are delighted to be supporting ACT Senior’s Week with a Free Ballroom Dance Workshop to be held at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston Thursday 22nd March 1:30pm-2pm.

COTA is for Australian’s aged over 50+ and is dedicated to protecting the wellbeing of all Australian Seniors. It also allows access to fantastic activities (like dance) that seniors can take part of that may have been difficult to find.

Please drop in, no partners needed, and have a fantastic time dancing with us!

-Vaughan Liddicoat