Looking for a new hobby or want to take the dance world by storm?
It begins with the first step...

For the social dance enthusiast up to world championship level

For those who want to take dancing to the next level competition is the way to go.

With beautiful sparkling dresses and stylish tail-suits it’s a terrific way to get the most out of Ballroom and Latin dancing skills.

DanceSport combines artistry in motion with athletic ability to some of the most beautiful music you will ever hear.

It’s exciting, fun and highly addictive! Best of all literally anyone can compete in DanceSport from Juvenile up to Masters II (50+).

Everyone starts at Level 1 and progression to higher levels all the way to Open Grade is up to you, your partner and dependent on your level of commitment.

We cater for the aspiring DanceSport enthusiast and our couples widely vary in age and level, but are all fueled by one passion – dance.

If you would like to begin Competition it’s simple, simply Contact Us today to learn more!

Recreational Competition or DanceSport Private Lessons
Just $95 per single or couple

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